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60 Cycle Hum is a guitar podcast of two guys talking about guitar, music, and whatever else runs through their minds.


July 23, 2017

This episode is sponsored by Sinasoid. You've probably heard us talk about Sinasoid a lot. Well, that's because they're a really cool company that makes great cables. If you're in the market for a new instrument cable, go check them out.

This week Ryan tries to start a fight with Steve. I don't know why he does...but he does. Also, Steve talks about the new (used) pedal he got, and the guys break down the 50/50 dual overdrive they worked on with Pelican NoiseWorks.

1. Acoustic guitar with a B Bender

2. Fender made a Bluetooth speaker

3. Mr Horsepower

4. What song would you pick if you wanted to disrupt a pop radio station?

5. Vintage wheels

This week's song was sent in by Kevin Fowler and is called "Streets of Gold"