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60 Cycle Hum is a guitar podcast of two guys talking about guitar, music, and whatever else runs through their minds.

September 24, 2017

189 - Skeezy

This week's episode is sponsored by Wangs Amplifiers. If you're looking for boutique quality on an import budget, look no further than Wangs. Join the Tone Fancier Army today! This episode is also sponsored by Equitz Guitars. Equitz Guitars builds three excellent models starting at just over $2000. They're beautiful and they play great. 

This week's episode is where Ryan talks about being in Hawaii. Did we mention that he's in Hawaii right now?

Here's a link to some pictures

1. ISO Irma

2. Questions from Brian Wampler

3. Leather Jacket scene

4. What Disney song would you cover?

5. Input jack cleaner

This week's song was sent by Joshua K. Fraser and is called "Chasing the Chipmunk"



September 17, 2017

188 - Reverse Woody

This week's episode was brought to you by the Gabriel Tenorio String Company. If you want a real handmade string, look no further than GTSco, custom strings made the old fashioned way, by hand. This week's episode is also sponsored by Fat Foot Effects. Check out the Thallium 81 for a hard-clipping distortion built with the working player in mind. Fat Foot Effects is new to the market, but ready to compete with the best.

This week Ryan and Steve launch the show by talking about Steve's current stage of Stratocaster buy/sell/trade. 

Here's a link to all the pictures you want to see.

1. Alice the Stratocaster

2. JHS/BOSS Angry Driver

3. Gibson SG-200

4. G&L Doheny

5. Vintage Casino

This week's song was sent in by Fat Foot Effects. James Neary and the Bevy Blue are a Fat Foot Effects artist. This song is called "Miracles"


September 16, 2017

Celestion Blue vs. Celestion Green Back

Celestion Blue vs. Celestion Green Back

See the video here - >

September 16, 2017

Flashback 2 Stereo Demo

Stereo Demo of the Flashback 2 by Tc Electronic, See the video here.

September 10, 2017

187 - My Wife

This week's episode is sponsored by Sinasoid. They are currently supporting Samaritan's Purse's relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Go check out their selection of wonderful cables!

Ryan's wife joins us and tells us about her first experience buying a guitar.

Here's all the images from this episode.

1. Barton's Guitar "Draw"

2. Lauren tells her guitar buying story

3. Epiphone G400 and a bag of nickels

4. Is jamming to a looper or learning whole songs a better way to improve?

5. The Fusion Guitar

This week's song was sent by Ben McCurry of the band Rhythm and the Roosevelts. This song is called "Dance (I Wanna)"


September 9, 2017

Boutique Builders United - Hurricane Harvey Relief

We're proud to be part of Boutique Builders United and this raffle to raise support for Hurricane Harvey Relief. Here's the link to share so you can support them as well



September 6, 2017

Tc Electronic Flashback 2 - Demo and run through of the stock settings

This is an experiemental episode to test the waters, it's the audio from our recent demo of the flashback 2. We figured there was enough naration in the video to carry it through for an audio only format. If you enoyed this or didnt enjoy it please let us know on the facebook group.


Here is a link to the video version of the demo.

September 3, 2017

186 - The Elvis Area

This week's episode is sponsored by Sinasoid. They are currently supporting Samaritan's Purse's relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Go check out their selection of wonderful cables!

In the episode, Ryan and Steve talk about the modifications done to the pink Dean. 

Here are the images for this episode. 

1. This is not stolen

2. Are original/high end amps worth it over knockoffs and clones?

3. Mosrite Copy by Morales

4. If you're not a fast player now, is it too late?

5. Floyd Rose Guitars

This week's song was sent by Charles Gibson. The band is called Classic Faults and the song is called "Pill". 


August 27, 2017

185 - First Is Headlining

This episode is sponsored by Sinasoid. Sinasoid is your one-stop shop for all your instrument cable needs. Go check them out! 

In this episode Ryan starts out with talking about Tiki Oasis, a convention sort of thing that his band recently played. 

Here's a link for all the photos this episode

1. Molested SG

2. Hybrid Materials

3. Recycled Skateboard

4. Ryan and Steve take a personality quiz.

5. Ovation

This week's song was sent by Isaiah Dominguez. This song is called "Carpintera" from his album "Waking Up". 


August 22, 2017

60CH: NEWS - EQD Data Corruptor

Ryan and Steve break the news on the Earthquaker Devices Data Corruptor.

Earthquaker Devices Data Corruptor: