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60 Cycle Hum is a guitar podcast that covers the used market of Craigslist, Ebay and, Each week hosts Ryan and Steve tackle ads sent in by listeners and discuss topics relevant to the guitar gear industry. If you listen to Guitar Nerds, Chasing tone, or any other popular guitar podcast 60 Cycle Hum should be familiar to you.

Firefly Flips - Year of the RAT - Signed Fender Check - Buffing a matte finish - $30k cousin classic

February 2, 2020

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D'addario XT strings

Chase Bliss Audio

In this week's episode Steve updates with some more NAMM news. He reviews the EAROS hi-fidelity noise filters and talks a little about the Music Area Han Pro bass case. Ryan talks about getting ready to learn about the Singular Sound AEROS looper

Looky here

1. Firefly Markup

2. What's your favorite RAT pedal?

3. Canceled Check

4. How do you make a matte finish shine?

5. Vintage Why?

This week's song was sent by McG and is called "Generation Resolution"

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